Oct 4, 2019

“For the safety of our teens we need after school programs”

ORANJESTAD — Carol Kock is a freelance consultant on policies and research who worked for more than twenty years for the government as a policy advisor in the field of Public Health and Social Affairs.  Recently the professional did research about the interest of Aruban youth for after school programs. The result is that over 60 % of the participants say yes to after school programs. “Our youth is home alone due to the necessity of parents that need to work to pay the bills. They are in a vulnerable situation and we can do something about it.”

Sep 5, 2019

Happy Community Initiative meets generous family:

Travelling is one of life’s biggest privileges. It is wonderful to be able to go to another place with your family and enjoy the change of environment and people. The Chatterjee family from New Jersey seek to give back to the places they go to, to help the local community and to educate their own children. “We read about the recently launched Happy Community Initiative (HCI) and their objective to raise $ 110K by next year’s month of June and there we found our goal”, says Ninna Chatterjee, mother of three children in the age of 7, 8 and 11. Together with husband Rocco Chatterjee they provided three Aruban children with school supplies.

Aug 23, 2019

Motivational learning for teenagers within a family setting

ORANJESTAD — Foundation Centro Famia Piedra Plat_ translated Family Center Piedra Plat_ is a safe haven for teens from the neighborhood as well from any part in Aruba. On a plot of about 200 square meters in the neighborhood of Piedra Plat you will find a warm, family-oriented foundation offering four different activity centers for children, teens and adults.

Aug 9, 2019

“By empowering the young generation, you get great adults”

SAN NICOLAS —The Heart-centered Leadership Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to assist and empowering schools, youth-serving organizations, teachers, and parents to better serve our world’s or Aruba’s youth and prepare them to lead healthy, fulfilling and successful lives. Through the recently-launched Happy Community Initiative (HCI) you can support this foundation and help build our youth strong.

Jul 25, 2019

Every child has the right to enjoy a vacation camp during school breaks

Collins Leo John is the motor behind a happy vacation camp named Funny Bunny Camp. Over the past three weeks, more than a hundred children have participated in a program that offers a variety of fun, sports, creativity and social-emotional empowerment.

Jul 11, 2019

Launch of the HAPPY COMMUNITY INITIATIVE – Aruba’s Visitor Charity Program

On Monday, July 1st 2019, CEDE Aruba, together with the Aruba Timeshare Association and endorsed by the Aruba Tourism Authority launched the HAPPY COMMUNITY INITIATIVE