About Us


Millions of people around the world love Aruba, the ONE HAPPY ISLAND and the home away from home! This is why the HAPPY COMMUNITY INITIATIVE was launched in June 2019 as a cooperation between Centro pa Desaroyo di Aruba (CEDE Aruba) and the Aruba Timeshare Association, building a bridge between community organizations and the tourism industry.

The mission of the HAPPY COMMUNITY INITIATIVE is to engage, inspire and connect second homeowners and Aruba visitors to participate in and contribute to good causes in Aruba. Through the HAPPY COMMUNITY INITIATIVE, international visitors can donate to local causes and, in the future, volunteer at community organizations. The priority of support is the Aruban youth, by realizing meaningful afterschool programs, mentorship activities and creating career opportunities for youth at risk.

CEDE Aruba is the initiator and coordinator of the HAPPY COMMUNITY INITIATIVE. CEDE Aruba is a dynamic community foundation, supporting nonprofits in Aruba since 1986. They provide grants, helps non-profits in the development of projects and brings together organizations to improve cooperation. In addition, CEDE Aruba has built a network with national and international funding agencies and companies. In general, CEDE Aruba does not only focus on youth development. The working areas also include neighborhood development, volunteer work, family support, active aging, protections of vulnerable groups and capacity building of non-profits. For more information about CEDE Aruba and the latest developments, please visit the website www.cedearuba.org

All donations to the HAPPY COMMUNITY INITIATIVE will be managed by CEDE Aruba. During the years of service and experience, CEDE Aruba has established a positive and transparent working relation with Aruba’s non-profits. These community organizations apply for funding and after a positive evaluation, grants will be provided. CEDE Aruba guarantees that 100% of all donations will go to local non-profits and their meaningful projects, without any fees or costs for this service. In addition, CEDE Aruba makes sure to document the impact of all projects.