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The HAPPY COMMUNITY INITIATIVE is Aruba’s VISITOR CHARITY PROGRAM, supporting the Aruban Youth with after school programs, mentorship activities and social support.

A donation to the HAPPY COMMUNITY INITIATIVE will support local non-profit projects, helping local youngsters improve academic performance, enhance social skills, explore enriching activities in the arts, sports, leadership, volunteer work and more. In addition, your donation will support youth at risk programs that provide training and career opportunities for those whom did not finish secondary school.



After School Programs

In Aruba, about 6 of 10 youngsters between the ages of 12 and 18 are alone or without adult supervision after school time. In most cases because their parents are working.

Your donation will support meaningful after school programs with a focus on time for homework and diverse activities. These programs provide a safe place where the youngsters can practice sport, arts, social skills, leadership, entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

The support of after school initiatives has a positive impact on Aruba’s youth and prevents social issues of future generations.

Mentorship Activities

While Aruba is the perfect place for vacationers, many of Aruba’s youngsters do not travel often and experience boredom and lack of activities during school breaks.

Your donation will support mentorship activities during school vacation. Non-profits in this area offer very diverse activities and meaningful cooperation between NGO’s, the National Park, Museums and many other partners.

Your contribution to mentorship programs and activities will reduce boredom of children and youngsters from families that do not travel often.

Supporting Youth At Risk

In Aruba, 4 out of 10 youngsters do not finish secondary school. This is a very big issue for Aruba’s future economy and the Tourism Industry.

Your contribution to initiatives, supporting youth at risk, will reduce the amounts of school dropouts and create new opportunities for youngsters to integrate back in education and to find a career in one of Aruba’s countless companies, such as the tourism and hospitality industry. Since the Aruba Timeshare Association is a main partner, meaningful initiatives can be developed and supported.

Thank you to our partners